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City Wide ADA Ramps Renovation Plan

A city wide ADA Ramp Renovation Plan is a systematic procedure to retrofit existing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant wheelchair curb ramps with truncated dome detectable warnings at intersections of all major city-controlled streets. The end result will provide access to city programs and services for all, regardless of disability.

Many American cities divide the implementation into phases, moving from north to south - east to west. Other city and state implementations of ADA ramps have been more focused on areas where pedestrian traffic is the most consistent. For example, a heavily travelled route, from public transportation to a typical daily work destination.

However, when citizen complaints are received about particular intersections, a fully functioning, ADA ramp renovation plan would investigate any non-compliant ADA ramps and have them rebuilt or installed, as needed.

Because the ADA does not allow for damaged ADA ramp products, a high strength product is necessary. In fact, the ramp is considered non-compliant if even one dome is missing, chipped off, worn down or crushed. If such is the case, the detectable warning surface must be considered a priority for repair or replacement, based on the ADA ramp renovation plan.

Many manufacturers of ADA ramps offer complimentary consultation for new implementation programs, insight into the specific application requirements, and have been instrumental in coordinating an ADA ramp renovation plan in cooperation with civic and state governments.

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ADA Ramps Renovation
ADA Ramps Renovation
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